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RE: CityBeat Film Reviews: Sky Captain


RE: CityBeat Film Reviews: Sky Captain
by kaijuu at 3:30 pm EDT, Sep 16, 2004

Decius wrote:
] ] Sky Captain And The World Of Tomorrow is a nearly
] ] picture-perfect blend of stylistic sense and
] ] sensibilities of the bygone era of movie serials.
] When I first saw this I was really suprised by the strangeness
] of it's vision. Its really what someone in the 30s might have
] imagined the future would be like. I was worried, based I
] guess on the way it was marketed, that it might be an
] interesting world filled with recycled hollywood crap, but it
] turns out the critics seem to like it. It might not suck...

Have you seen Angelina in the tight uniform and eyepatch? HOT! That's enough for me, and then there's the GIANT ROBOTS! ^_^

RE: CityBeat Film Reviews: Sky Captain

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