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Top bin Laden aide chillin in the Valley do the VC thang
by Rattle at 7:53 pm EDT, Oct 11, 2001

One involved a planned hang-glider attack on the Liman Turra Prison complex near Cairo to liberate Jihad leaders, some of whom had been locked up since the Sadat assassination. According to the plan, Jihad hang-gliders would swoop off a nearby mountain into the prison grounds, setting off explosives and causing a panic to allow the jailbreak to occur.

In about 1990, on Mohamed's orders, Dahab said, he took hang-glider lessons in San Francisco.

"After I completed a course on the flying of gliders in the United States, (Mohamed) asked me to travel to Afghanistan with a model glider to train the Egyptian elements present there," he said.

Whatever, the Sillicon Valley connection, so we got VC and engineering... dot-(b|c)oms.

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