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by leed25d at 10:10 pm EST, Dec 22, 2002

actually, tech and society. annalee newitz's columns are often excellent

by Reknamorken at 11:56 pm EST, Dec 22, 2002

leed25d wrote:
] actually, tech and society. annalee newitz's columns are
] often excellent

Yes, and the Bay Guardian is one of the best local news rags I've read. Of course, it sort of does have my particular political slant most of the time.
by Dr. Nanochick at 3:30 am EST, Dec 23, 2002

] "I tapped my latex-gloved fingers against the edge of a
] microscope and wondered what would happen if I stole a
] flask. They looked so damn cool, like geeky candy jars.
] Then I thought about pocketing a test tube for use as a
] demented shot glass. What had aroused these thoughts? Was
] it my upbringing, surrounded as I'd been by hackers,
] subversive writers, and sarcastic leftists? Or did they
] come from some kind of genetic predilection to be
] disobedient? As I regretfully left the flasks behind me
] in the lab, I realized that it didn't really matter
] whether my urges were cultural or biological. My behavior
] would remain unchanged. And my attitude about that
] behavior would remain unchanged as well. "

This article rocks. PCR, electrophoresis, "geeky candy jars", nature and nurture issues. Its cram full of fun biology geekness.

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