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Current Topic: Economics

Vision series - CNET
Topic: Economics 2:26 pm EST, Jan 22, 2002

Yahoo has apparently been systematically taken over by a bunch of guys from hollywood. It will be interesting to see what happens. IMHO Yahoo could have been profitable with some fat cutting. The problem with this "philosophy change" is that hollywood guys usually get the internet about as well as internet guys get business. And the pendellum swings...

Vision series - CNET - The Long, Soggy Recovery
Topic: Economics 4:06 pm EST, Jan 17, 2002

"We can still confidently predict what the next couple years will look like. Millions of smart, talented people won't be able to get the kind of work they're capable of doing. Lots of recent college graduates will spend years waiting tables or manning ski lifts or moping around at home trying to figure out what to do with their lives. Social challenges like welfare reform and improving public schools, which seemed to have been magically resolved in the late 1990s, will turn out to still be around and in need of drastic action. Worrying about the deficit and the national debt will come back into fashion. And don't be too surprised if concern about U.S. competitiveness (vs. Japan or Europe or China or India) stages a comeback as well. " - The Long, Soggy Recovery

DoubleClick turns away from ad profiles - Tech News -
Topic: Economics 6:16 pm EST, Jan  8, 2002

This is of interest. However, I really have to question whether there is more to this story then whats being told... I find it hard to beleive that technology like this isn't economically feasable. There are other problems here.

DoubleClick turns away from ad profiles - Tech News -

The Fading Altruism of Open Source Development
Topic: Economics 8:30 pm EST, Dec 29, 2001

"If this hypothesis is supported by future research, a reinterpretation of the entire history of the free software movement will be necessary. For this analysis suggests a starkly different logic to open source development than is contained in most of the popular literature on the subject. In particular, it offers support for the hypothesis that early open source work thrived because its development took place in an immature and publicly-subsidized market.... Is free software truly free? It may be something for which developed countries have already paid: through early funding for academic research and development, and support for public research at times when the market for certain types of software was immature. It is hardly accidental that early "hacker" communities emerged at organizations with the resources and will to subsidize long-term development."

The Fading Altruism of Open Source Development

Equal Opportunity Recession: Almost Everyone Is Feeling It
Topic: Economics 3:21 pm EST, Dec 16, 2001

... The downturn has quickly become one of the broadest on record. ... [Nearly] every large industry ... is shrinking. Almost every state is losing jobs. Unemployment has risen for nearly every group, climbing most sharply for college graduates and others who usually escape the brunt of a downturn. ...

For many younger people, who have known nothing but prosperity since they entered the work force, the new situation has come as a shock. Many without work are unsure how soon they will be able to find a job that pays as much as their old one did. ...

[A Boston-area temp agency] has purged a lot of the not-so-good workers and has been placing the best ones in jobs that they might not have taken before. "People will do stuff today that they would not do even a year ago." ...

[Healthcare is] the single strongest sector in the United States economy today. "... never seen [personnel shortage] as bad as it is now. ... The demand is just incredible." ...

For a long time ... many better-known Silicon Valley companies ... resisted the notion that the bursting of the dot-com bubble last year would affect ... plans. ... CIOs remain pessimistic. ... It is all a vivid illustration of how Silicon Valley's technology firms succumbed to their own mantra that the new economy was unstoppable. ...

Equal Opportunity Recession: Almost Everyone Is Feeling It

Los Angeles Times: Industry Downturn Hasn't Killed Tech's Big Appetite for Top Talent
Topic: Economics 2:54 am EST, Dec 13, 2001

JLM: LA Times reports the ITAA says that good tech jobs are still widely available. They attribute the continued push for H1B visas to the fact that the people out of work are web designers, marketers, and dot-com consultants, when what industry needs are technically proficient business people.

Tom: Its amazing how ignorant this is. Biotech companies are looking for biologists. RSA is hiring sales people. Cisco is looking for electrical engineers with an RF background. The fact is that people who work in COMPUTING are not being hired, and I've seen very little recognition of this in the press.

Los Angeles Times: Industry Downturn Hasn't Killed Tech's Big Appetite for Top Talent

Topic: Economics 8:13 am EST, Nov  3, 2001

Economist on the recession. Honestly, things seemed to be looking up right before the attacks. They look grim now, and this data really shows it. Economics is driven by mood, and the fact is that no amount of government tax XYZ is going to solve what is, in essence, a marketing problem. People need to feel hopeful and secure. IMHO the big mistake Japan is making is that they aren't attacking that perception problem at its root. Economic highs are not driven on fear, and Japan has proven that hard economic lows are not fixed by monkeying around with financial policy. We need to kick the investment community in the ass. Now is the time to buy, and a little buying would go along way toward loosening up the labor market, which will fill in safety net that has been pulled out from under workers.


Slashdot | Slashdot Updates
Topic: Economics 1:56 am EDT, Oct 24, 2001

"[...] a little about advertisements and subscriptions. Slashdot continues to grow: our traffic has increased by like 10% in the last few months, and simply selling the banner ads you see on top of each page isn't going to be enough to keep us afloat if we keep growing. And selling banner ads in 2001 is an awful lot harder then [sic] it was in 1999.

The change will be a different ad size on the article page. Currently we have the standard banner size on top of all pages, but soon the article pages will instead have those huge square things that you see on CNet or ZD. I know this will be unpopular with many people, myself included, but when we make the switch, we will also have some sort of subscription system where you can pay a fee to disable them honestly.

[...] Slashdot is now four years old ... and I want it to still be here four years from now. I hope you can understand the expensive reality associated with making this site happen every day for a quarter of a million readers."

Slashdot | Slashdot Updates

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