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Current Topic: Sports

RE: Yahoo! Sports - NFL - Redskins win, incumbent wins -- a history
Topic: Sports 9:11 am EST, Nov  1, 2004

Decius wrote:
] StankDawg wrote:
] ] ] Since 1933, when the Boston Braves were renamed the
] ] ] Redskins, the result of the team's final home game before
] ] ] the presidential election has always correctly predicted
] ] ] the White House winner. If the Redskins win, the
] ] ] incumbent party wins. If they lose, the incumbent party
] ] ] is ousted.
] ]
] ] That pretty much speaks for itself. Looking ahead...
] ]
] ] -- 2004: Redskins host Green Bay Packers on Sunday. Bush
] faces
] ] John Kerry on Tuesday.
] ]

the Redskins lost and the Packers won so if the trend holds true WE will have a new president by Wednesday morning.

RE: Yahoo! Sports - NFL - Redskins win, incumbent wins -- a history - Press Releases - VIRTUAL HOCKEY SEASON TO AIR ON G4TECHTV
Topic: Sports 9:28 am EDT, Sep 24, 2004

] The NHL lock out may have postponed the 2004-2005 season,
] but disappointed hockey fans can still watch the puck
] drop in more than 50 million U.S. and Canadian homes when
] the defending Stanley Cup champion Tampa Bay Lightning
] face off against the Philadelphia Flyers in the season
] opener of the video game NHL season on G4techTV.
] All 1,230 regular season games originally slated for the
] 2004-2005 NHL season will be played, with results of each
] video game match-up available to fans who tune-in daily
] to "Sweat." - Press Releases - VIRTUAL HOCKEY SEASON TO AIR ON G4TECHTV

It's the Olympics, but Do You Really Care?
Topic: Sports 8:58 am EDT, Aug 18, 2004

I have nothing but admiration for the fortitude and grit of all Olympic competitors, especially in the more obscure events where there is no pecuniary reward. I also have nothing but respect for what scientists and doctors do. But that doesn't mean I want to watch them in action.

Does anyone care? Even a little?

Snippets of actual competition will be sandwiched by long, weepy infomercials that seek to humanize the athletes. No hint of adversity will go unexploited.

Ultimately, I would be willing to overlook the Olympics' moral failings, as I do with sports that I like, if I were interested in the outcome. But I'm not.

I didn't think so.

It's the Olympics, but Do You Really Care?

Go Tech!
Topic: Sports 6:58 pm EDT, Apr  4, 2004

Your tuition dollars at work.

Go Tech!

Ananova - Tiger Woods tees-off 1000ft up Dubai hotel
Topic: Sports 9:27 am EST, Mar  3, 2004

] Tiger Woods has driven off from the most unusual tee-box
] in the world - a helicopter landing pad 1000ft up a Dubai
] hotel.

Ananova - Tiger Woods tees-off 1000ft up Dubai hotel

Warren Miller Television
Topic: Sports 4:15 pm EST, Jan 18, 2004

] For over fifty years, Warren Miller has been making his
] illustrious ski films, capturing incredible moments on
] snow from across the country and throughout the world
] In this episode of Warren Miller Television, you will be
] taken back in time to witness some of the best Warren
] Miller moments from the past. From the old time
] equipment, to the hilarious outfits, to the legends of
] the sport, this retrospective episode is sure to send
] audiences reeling through time as we pay homage to those
] that started it all.

My Tivo just grabbed Warren Miller TV. It kicks ass. Highly recommended!

Warren Miller Television

NHL at the Brink
Topic: Sports 5:02 pm EST, Feb 10, 2003

An interesting story about Hockey's financial woes.

I think the big problem here is that hockey isn't tied into the culture in most of the US in the way that other sports are. People play basketball in their driveways. They are fed baseball as young kids, and then they go to high schools that orient student social activities around football. Hockey just isn't as easy as football to go out and play in the street.

There is no easy answer to this problem for the NHL. It will take a generation to fix these numbers, and they will have to make salary cuts in the mean time in order to handle it. They need to promote street hockey and youth hockey leagues.

NHL at the Brink

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