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Current Topic: Current Events

Bear guzzles 36 beers, passes out at campground
Topic: Current Events 11:30 am EDT, Aug 19, 2004

] SEATTLE, Washington (Reuters) -- A black bear was found
] passed out at a campground in Washington state recently
] after guzzling down three dozen cans of a local beer, a
] campground worker said on Wednesday.
] "We noticed a bear sleeping on the common lawn and
] wondered what was going on until we discovered that there
] were a lot of beer cans lying around," said Lisa Broxson,
] a worker at the Baker Lake Resort, 80 miles (129 km)
] northeast of Seattle.
] The hard-drinking bear, estimated to be about two years
] old, broke into campers' coolers and, using his claws and
] teeth to open the cans, swilled down the suds.
] It turns out the bear was a bit of a beer sophisticate.
] He tried a mass-market Busch beer, but switched to
] Rainier Beer, a local ale, and stuck with it for his
] drinking binge.
] Wildlife agents chased the bear away, but it returned the
] next day, said Broxson.
] They set a trap using as bait some doughnuts, honey and
] two cans of Rainier Beer. It worked, and the bear was
] captured for relocation.

and that bear's name is Homer.

Bear guzzles 36 beers, passes out at campground

TiVo vs. the Broadcast Flag Wavers
Topic: Current Events 1:43 am EDT, Aug  2, 2004

] But if a programmer or an engineer with a bright idea has
] to go to Washington, hat in hand and lawyers in tow, to
] request permission to sell a better product -- and is
] then told "just wait awhile" -- we are on our way to
] suffocating innovation in this country.

Yes kids, everything in this world is about money.

TiVo vs. the Broadcast Flag Wavers

Former NPR Host Bob Edwards To Be XM's New Morning Star (
Topic: Current Events 10:27 am EDT, Jul 30, 2004

] Radio host Bob Edwards, who drew millions of listeners to
] National Public Radio for three decades but was demoted
] earlier this year, is taking his signature voice to a
] competing radio universe, according to Edwards and
] executives of Washington-based XM Satellite Radio.

Good thing I'm putting XM in the Defender!

Former NPR Host Bob Edwards To Be XM's New Morning Star (

8 shot in Detroit during fireworks
Topic: Current Events 10:31 am EDT, Jun 24, 2004

] "I don't think I will ever come back
] again,' Bobo said of the International Freedom
] Festival fireworks display.


] During the 1991 fireworks display, a white Farmington
] Hills woman was assaulted during the show, further
] straining race relations in the city. The beating was
] recorded on videotape by a bystander and received
] national attention. Five black women pleaded no contest
] to charges in the case. A sixth woman was found not
] guilty of assault.
] In the intervening years, there have been no major
] problems.

How far the city has come only to get marred by something stupid like this.

8 shot in Detroit during fireworks

How not to park a BMW
Topic: Current Events 6:59 pm EDT, May 10, 2004

A valet trying to park a sports utility vehicle accidentally hit a parked BMW, sending the unoccupied car halfway off a deck and dangling over the street and a parked SUV below.

The incident took place about 2 p.m. Wednesday inside and part-way outside a a Midtown Atlanta parking garage at 230 Spring Street. No injuries were reported.

The SUV and the front end of the BMW were intertwined in the collision. Emergency crews were able to pull the BMW safely back into the garage without incident.

How not to park a BMW

The Abu Ghraib Prison Photos
Topic: Current Events 10:51 am EDT, Apr 30, 2004

Decius said: "So newspapers all over the planet are blaring these pictures today on the front page, but the issue seems to be 3rd page news in the domestic American media and the pictures are very difficult to locate online. Here they are. This isn't all of them but its enough.

The soldiers explanations about having not gotten proper guidance from management seems ridiculous in light of the photographs. It should be obvious to anyone that this behavior is inappropriate.

In case you haven't seen the stories, the individual on the box has been told that if he falls off the box he will be electrocuted..."

Scott says "Personally, I think you should print these, laminate them, and carry them around with you wherever you go. When you run into someone at WalMart or work and they start talking about how Dubya 'is my president right or wrong' and 'we should nuke the whole middle east' and 'support our troops' - show them these pictures and remind them that our government is just as bad as the ones we topple. This is just the shit that you can see! It gets worse."

The Abu Ghraib Prison Photos

Echoes from the Dead Zone: Another view of Chernobyl
Topic: Current Events 3:08 pm EDT, Apr 13, 2004

] In Eastern Europe, a person's attachment to his
] homeland is a strong one, Yatsenko explains. To be
] evicted from one's homeland is about the greatest
] tragedy imaginable. And northern Ukraine is the
] country's most ancient, hallowed part. Chernobyl
] itself has been settled for 800 years and just recently
] celebrated its anniversary.

First a motorcycle tour. But now, a little further dose of reality.

Echoes from the Dead Zone: Another view of Chernobyl

'Weird Al' Yankovic's parents found dead
Topic: Current Events 12:34 pm EDT, Apr 12, 2004

Awful News...

FALLBROOK, Califorina (AP) -- -- The elderly parents of Grammy-winning recording artist "Weird Al" Yankovic were found dead in their home, apparently victims of carbon monoxide poisoning, officials said.

Nick and Mary Yankovic were found dead Friday in their suburban San Diego home by relatives who were worried because they had not seen the couple in a while, said sheriff's Sgt. Conrad Grayson.

Paramedics found Nick Yankovic, 86, in a chair in the front living room. His 81-year-old wife was on the bathroom floor.

'Weird Al' Yankovic's parents found dead

Bored Boy Behind President Gets Nationwide Attention
Topic: Current Events 9:09 am EST, Apr  2, 2004

] Bored Boy Behind President Gets Nationwide Attention


Bored Boy Behind President Gets Nationwide Attention

Generation Debt: The New Economics of Being Young: The Ambition Tax
Topic: Current Events 11:50 pm EST, Mar 18, 2004

] The average collegian in the U.S. isn't graduating into a
] world of boundless opportunity, but rather is
] $20,000-plus in the hole thanks to student loans and
] credit cards. So begins the snowball effect: The most
] desirable entry-level jobs often pay wages too low for
] the indebted, who must fork over a large percentage of
] their salaries to Sallie Mae or Citibank.

Generation Debt: The New Economics of Being Young: The Ambition Tax

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