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Winners Of The 'Oldest Software' Contest
Topic: Technology 11:14 am EDT, May  4, 2003

] Earlier this month, I described a friend of mine who was
] responsible for a corporate network notable for its aging
] applications infrastructure. At the end of the column
] I proposed a contest and asked you all to send in your
] own entries to qualify for the "oldest living software"
] application. Needless to say, I got some great entries.


Winners Of The 'Oldest Software' Contest

Penises have higher bandwidth than cable modems
Topic: Technology 3:28 pm EDT, May  2, 2003

Kinda adds new dimension to the tech term "fat pipe", no? :]

] The human genome is about 3,120,000,000 base pairs long,
] so half of that is in each spermatozoa -- 1,560,000,000
] base pairs.
] Each side of these base pairs can either be an
] adenine-thymine or a guanine-cytosine bond, and they can
] be aligned either direction, so there are four choices.
] Four possibilities for a value means it can be fully
] represented with two bits; 00 = guanine, 01 = cytosine,
] and so forth.
] The figures that I've read state the number of sperm in a
] human ejaculation to be anywhere from 50 to 500 million.
] I'm going to go with the number 200,000,000 sperm cells,
] but if anyone knows differently, please tell me.
] Putting these together, the average amount of information
] per ejaculation is 1.560*109 * 2 bits * 2.00*108, which
] comes out to be 6.24*1017 bits. That's about 78,000
] terabytes of data! As a basis of comparison, were the
] entire text content of the Library of Congress to be
] scanned and stored, it would only take up about 20
] terabytes. If you figure that a male orgasm lasts five
] seconds, you get a transmission rate of 15,600 tb/s. In
] comparison, an OC-96 line (like the ones that make up
] much of the backbone of the internet) can move .005 tb/s.
] Cable modems generally transmit somewhere around 1/5000th
] of that.
] If you consider signal to noise, though, the figures come out
] much differently. If only the single sperm cell that fertilizes
] the egg counts as signal, you get (1.560*109 * 2 bits) / 5 s =
] 6.24*108 bits/s, or somewhere in the neighborhood of 78 Mb/s.
] Still a great deal more bandwidth than your average cable modem,
] but not nearly the 5,000,000 Mb/s of the OC-96.

Penises have higher bandwidth than cable modems

RE: Climber amputates his arm, hikes to safey
Topic: Sports 2:23 pm EDT, May  2, 2003

Elonka wrote:
] Hey there, good to see you on Memestreams!
] Elonka :)

Hey E!

Yea... I'm already addicted! This is gonna be fun!

See you at D*C!

Open Invitation for Georgia to Join This Century
Topic: Current Events 2:13 pm EDT, May  2, 2003

Most likely the sons and daughters of the same people that want the confederate battle emblem put back on the Georgia Flag.

] A year after holding that school's first racially
] integrated prom, Taylor County High School in rural
] Georgia has returned to its segregationist ways and will
] be holding two proms again- one for white students and
] one for all students.

Nice job kids! You've done a fine job of perpetuating the stereotype that all southerners are racist rednecks.

Laughing Boy

Open Invitation for Georgia to Join This Century

Asteroid Is Named in Mister Rogers' Honor
Topic: Science 10:15 am EDT, May  2, 2003

SING Won't you be my NEO? (Near Earth Object) /SING

] PITTSBURGH (AP) -- Mister Rogers now has an asteroid
] named in his honor.
] "Misterrogers,'' formerly known as No. 26858, honors Fred
] Rogers, creator and host of public television's "Mister
] Rogers' Neighborhood.'' Rogers died Feb. 27 at age 74.
] "I doubt that there are many who have not been touched in
] some way by the life and work of Fred Rogers,'' said John
] G. Radzilowicz, director of the Henry Buhl Jr.
] Planetarium & Observatory at the Carnegie Science Center,
] which made the announcement Thursday.
] The science center worked with Family Communications
] Inc., the production company Rogers founded, to produce a
] planetarium show for preschoolers called ``The Sky Above
] Mister Rogers' Neighborhood.'' The show now plays at 15
] planetariums across the country.
] "Misterrogers'' can be found between the orbits of Mars
] and Jupiter, and is about 218 million miles from the sun,
] which it takes about 3 1/2 years to orbit. It was
] discovered in 1993 by E.F. Helin at the Palomar
] Observatory in California

Asteroid Is Named in Mister Rogers' Honor

Climber amputates his arm, hikes to safey
Topic: Sports 10:09 am EDT, May  2, 2003

And here I cringe at the mere thought of wearing contacts and having to touch my eyeball. :o

] MOAB, Utah (AP) -- A Colorado climber amputated his own
] arm Thursday, five days after becoming pinned by a
] boulder, and he was hiking to safety when he was spotted
] by searchers, authorities said.
] Aron Ralston, 27, of Aspen, was in serious condition late
] Thursday at a hospital in Grand Junction, Colorado.
] Ralston was climbing Saturday in Blue John Canyon,
] adjacent to Canyonlands National Park in far southwestern
] Utah, when a 200-pound boulder fell on him, pinning his
] right arm, authorities said.
] He ran out of water on Tuesday and on Thursday morning,
] he decided that his survival required drastic action.
] Using his pocketknife, he amputated his arm below the
] elbow and applied a tourniquet and administered first
] aid.
] He then rigged anchors, fixed a rope and rappelled to the
] canyon floor.

Climber amputates his arm, hikes to safey

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