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"I like your Christ. I do not like your Christians. They are so unlike your Christ" --Gandhi

"To announce that there must be no criticism of the president, or that we are to stand by the president, right or wrong, is not only unpatriotic and servile, but is morally treasonable to the American public." -Theodore Roosevelt

"A little revolution, now and then, is a good thing." -Thomas Jefferson-

"In my lifetime, we've gone from Eisenhower to George W. Bush. We've gone from John F. Kennedy to Al Gore. If this is evolution, I believe that in 12 years, we'll be voting for plants." -Lewis Black-

"When you're born in the world you're given a ticket to the freakshow; when you're born in America you're given a front-row seat. And some of us in the front row have notebooks and pencils." -George Carlin

Yahoo! News - Two Charged After Human Catapult Death
Topic: Miscellaneous 12:34 pm EDT, Jul 15, 2003

Do the Darwin Awards people know about these guys?

] British police charged two men with manslaughter Tuesday
] following the death of an Oxford University student who
] was flung from a giant catapult.

Yahoo! News - Two Charged After Human Catapult Death

Wall Street Journal - Opinion Journal
Topic: Miscellaneous 4:45 pm EDT, Jul  7, 2003

Will the real Ann Coulter please step off the National Socialist Party recruiting poster and find a nice hole to fall in?

] Ms. Coulter's work includes an admiring if brief
] biography of McCarthy's political career. One that for
] some reason excludes the senator's remarkable efforts on
] behalf of the members of the SS battle group who executed
] 86 American POWs in the Ardennes campaign in December
] 1944; otherwise known as the Malmedy Massacre. In his
] impassioned efforts on behalf of the accused--one never
] to be repeated in his investigative career--the senator
] charged that the U.S. Army had cruelly mistreated the
] former SS men.

Wall Street Journal - Opinion Journal

Topic: Politics and Law 2:37 am EDT, Jul  3, 2003

I don't recommend this because it's good, I added this as proof of extraterrestial life (not intelligence, that would be something different) because she's obviously not from the same planet as the rest of us.

] The myth of "McCarthyism" is the greatest Orwellian fraud
] of our times. Liberals are fanatical liars, then as now.
] The portrayal of Sen. Joe McCarthy as a wild-eyed
] demagogue destroying innocent lives is sheer liberal
] hobgoblinism.

Yahoo! News - I DARE CALL IT TREASON - Jury finds 'windshield death' defendant guilty - Jun. 26, 2003
Topic: Politics and Law 1:34 pm EDT, Jun 26, 2003

] Jurors delivered two guilty verdicts Thursday against a
] former nurse's aide who hit a homeless man with her car,
] driving home with his mangled body lodged in the
] windshield and leaving him to die in her garage.

I'm not sure I understand this one... she hits the guy and then WITH THE GUY STICKING OUT THE FRONT OF HER CAR, drives home, parks and then heads inside LIKE THERE ISN'T A GUY STICKING OUT THE FRONT OF HER CAR??? - Jury finds 'windshield death' defendant guilty - Jun. 26, 2003

Yahoo! News - Enron Barred From Selling at Market Rates
Topic: Miscellaneous 12:21 pm EDT, Jun 25, 2003

] Federal energy regulators on Wednesday barred Enron Corp.
] from selling electricity and natural gas at market rates
] anywhere in the United States, in response to findings
] that it manipulated Western power markets two years ago.

I hate to tell you this guys, but have you even heard of locking the barn after the animals have already left?

Yahoo! News - Enron Barred From Selling at Market Rates

Yahoo! News - Report by the E.P.A. Leaves Out Data on Climate Change
Topic: Politics and Law 12:05 pm EDT, Jun 19, 2003

Thanks guys, could the next Surgeon General's report on smoking be based on data from the Tobacco Institute?

] Among the deletions were conclusions about the likely
] human contribution to warming from a 2001 report on
] climate by the National Research Council (news - web
] sites) that the White House had commissioned and that
] President Bush had endorsed in speeches that year. White
] House officials also deleted a reference to a 1999 study
] showing that global temperatures had risen sharply in the
] previous decade compared with the last 1,000 years. In
] its place, administration officials added a reference to
] a new study, partly financed by the American Petroleum
] Institute, questioning that conclusion.

See my quotes to the right for what the White House thinks about real science (evolution) as opposed to random crap (intelligent design, creationism, etc).

Yahoo! News - Report by the E.P.A. Leaves Out Data on Climate Change

Yahoo! News - Tax Law Omits Child Credit in Low-Income Brackets
Topic: Miscellaneous 10:53 pm EDT, May 29, 2003

In An extremely cynical move spokesmen for the administration today said, "Fuck the poor. They don't vote anyway." When asked to comment, no poor could be found at home, they were apparantly all in sweatshops.

] "I don't know why they would cut that out of the bill,"
] said Senator Blanche Lincoln, the Arkansas Democrat who
] persuaded the full Senate to send the credit to many more
] low income families before the provision was dropped in
] conference. "These are the people who need it the most
] and who will spend it the most. These are the people who
] buy the blue jeans and the detergent and who will
] stimulate the economy with their spending."

Yahoo! News - Tax Law Omits Child Credit in Low-Income Brackets

Yahoo! News - Bush says
Topic: Miscellaneous 9:44 pm EDT, May 29, 2003

] On the eve of a trip to Europe, US President George W.
] Bush said that he was "disappointed"
] by Paris' opposition to war in Iraq
] but that he would not seek sanctions against France.

Huh? We go after other countries for *NOT* going to war? Does this mean we may declare declare sanctions against Switzerland?

Yahoo! News - Bush says

Yahoo! News - Washington shelved report of 44-trillion-dollar deficit
Topic: Miscellaneous 12:32 pm EDT, May 29, 2003

] In the midst of negotiating a steep tax cuts package, the
] US government shelved a report that showed the United
] States faces future federal budget deficits of more than
] 44.2 trillion dollars.

My immediate reaction to this was three words. "Mother of God."

My secondary reaction was, if I needed another reason to tell me that these guys (the Shrubbery) have their necks as the only visible portion of the cranial anatomy visible and it's protruding from their posterior, well this is it.

Yahoo! News - Washington shelved report of 44-trillion-dollar deficit

Yahoo! News - Bush Picks Bolten As His OMB Director
Topic: Miscellaneous 2:20 am EDT, May 23, 2003

] If confirmed by the Senate, Bolten, 48, would succeed
] Mitch Daniels,

This is basic boilerplate off the AP wire, But let me see if I understand this. W has lost, an SEC chair, OMB, Treasury, Spokesman, Political Director, head of EPA, and Tommy Franks who ran Iraq II is retiring. Some of these people left under a cloud of scandal (Harvey Pitt) ineptitude (O'Neil in Time with Bono sealed his fate) and most recently protest (Whitman).

I'm starting to wish W was screwing his interns. He'd have less time to do damage in.

Yahoo! News - Bush Picks Bolten As His OMB Director

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