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Current Topic: Movies

Rednecks - more than meets the eye
Topic: Movies 2:14 pm EDT, Jul  6, 2007

Red State Update -- the wacky redneck vidbloggers. This week of our In-dee-pen-dance, they're taking on Transformers.

Rednecks - more than meets the eye

Yahoo! News - Google Doubles E-Mail Space
Topic: Movies 4:12 am EST, Apr  1, 2005

] SAN JOSE, Calif. - A year after unveiling a free e-mail
] service with a full gigabyte of storage, Google Inc. is
] doubling the capacity of each account and plans to keep
] bumping up the limit in the future.
] Once the upgrade takes effect Friday, Gmail users will be
] able to store up to 2 gigabytes of e-mail and attachments
] for each account. Even more capacity will be made
] available after that as it becomes feasible, the company
] said.

Yahoo! News - Google Doubles E-Mail Space

Saudi Oil Crown Slipping Away? - Stratfor
Topic: Movies 12:05 am EDT, Jun 13, 2004

[ Attacks against expatriates working in the Saudi Arabian oil patch have
] accelerated in ]tempo and intensity during the past several months. If
] this trend is not reversed -- ]which is not likely -- Riyadh will slowly
] fall from its current position as the kingpin of ]global energy markets.
] Oil prices will be both higher and more volatile, Saudi social ]stability
] far less guaranteed and OPEC less a force to be reckoned with.
] ....
] Al Qaeda is also all about leverage. It is not that the
] oil assets are beyond their reach -- the Sept. 11 attacks
] proved nothing is -- but instead that the oil assets are
] potentially a future target. Attacks against expatriates
] are akin to slowly turning the screws on both Washington
] and Riyadh, while attacking the infrastructure directly
] is a sledgehammer blow that al Qaeda can only use once.
] ...
] Many expatriates have been trying to get the U.S. government
] to pressure the Saudis to let foreign security into the country,
] but since this would just put more Western targets in the
] kingdom, the State Department is likely to try and let the matter
] drop. Instead, at security briefings in the U.S. Embassy, government
] officials are simply warning the expatriates that they
] "should get the [expletive deleted] out of here."

Stratfor rocks...

Saudi Oil Crown Slipping Away? - Stratfor

Bells loosen their grip
Topic: Movies 5:33 pm EDT, May 30, 2004

] SBC Communications and BellSouth have insisted that they
] have no plans to follow Verizon and Qwest, though outside
] pressure on them to do so is growing. Last October, the
] Georgia Public Service Commission ordered local phone
] provider BellSouth, over the company's objections, to let
] customers buy broadband services alone, what's known as
] "naked DSL." BellSouth also has similar arrangements in
] Florida and Louisiana.

Get with the program BellSouth and do it for all states!

Bells loosen their grip

Watching Paint Dry Is Latest Reality TV Gimmick
Topic: Movies 7:03 pm EDT, May 29, 2004

] LONDON (Reuters) - Some critics say the endless stream of
] hugely popular reality television shows are as dull as
] watching paint dry.
] Well, now they can test the theory with a live,
] eight-week round-the-clock Webcast of just that.
] Billed as the "ultimate reality TV show," British
] pay-channel UKTV Style promises a wall, some brushes and
] different types of paint in its program "Watching Paint
] Dry."

How Lame...

Watching Paint Dry Is Latest Reality TV Gimmick

Man Commits Suicide After Sex with Hen
Topic: Movies 7:00 pm EDT, May 29, 2004

] LUSAKA (Reuters) - A 50-year-old Zambian man has hanged
] himself after his wife found him having sex with a hen,
] police said Friday.
] The woman caught him in the act when she rushed into
] their house to investigate a noise.
] "He attempted to kill her but she managed to escape," a
] police spokesman said.
] The hen was slaughtered after the incident.

Um... that is whacked.

Man Commits Suicide After Sex with Hen

'The Day After Tomorrow' waterlogged
Topic: Movies 9:14 am EDT, May 28, 2004

] If you gleam one thing from the hopelessly silly "The Day
] After Tomorrow," it's this: If another ice age comes, the
] poor Canadians are doomed.
] In one of the most dramatic scenes in the disaster film,
] a scientist draws a line through the middle of the map of
] United States and gravely informs the president that for
] everyone still north of the line "it's too late" to be
] saved.
] You can almost hear the collective groan from Canadian
] audiences: "What about us, ay?" during the scene.
] Speaking of groans, the movie's screenplay is sure to get
] a few from non-Canadian audiences as well.
] Where to start?

'The Day After Tomorrow' waterlogged

Golfing in Kabul: No grass, no greens
Topic: Movies 10:49 am EDT, May 25, 2004

] KABUL, Afghanistan (Reuters) -- Before teeing off, mind
] the bombed out barracks to your left. Don't aim for the
] fairway; there isn't one. The greens are actually black;
] a mixture of sand and oil. The clubhouse is collapsing
] and has no walls.
] Welcome to Kabul Golf Club.

Golfing in Kabul: No grass, no greens

Larry Wachowski is ready for the sex-change operation
Topic: Movies 3:24 am EDT, May  1, 2004

] Better stop calling them the Wachowski brothers. We hear
] "Matrix" co-creator Larry Wachowski is ready for the
] sex-change operation that will finalize his conversion to
] a woman named Linda.
] Last May, he wore women's earrings at "The Matrix
] Reloaded" premiere. At the time, the estranged husband of
] an alleged Los Angeles dominatrix told newspapers that
] Wachowski was a client of his wife. The source said he
] had seen Larry "in her bondage room...lying there in a
] dress, no panties and a blond wig."
] Several "longtime friends" say Larry - who is in the
] middle of a divorce with his wife, Thea Bloom - is now
] ready for the operation, reports the Chicago Sun Times.

Larry Wachowski is ready for the sex-change operation

MSNBC - Bush makes case for second term
Topic: Movies 12:46 am EST, Jan 21, 2004

] Inside the United States, where the war began, we
] must continue to give homeland security and law
] enforcement personnel every tool they need to defend
] us, the president said, noting that key provisions
] of the Patriot Act were set to expire next year.
] The terrorist threat will not expire on that
] schedule, he told lawmakers. Our law
] enforcement needs this vital legislation to protect our
] citizens. You need to renew the Patriot Act."

Fuck you Ashcroft. We are not interested in more Patriot Act. We do not live in the middle east. We live in America. We have rights and civil liberties built by our forefathers. You strip those from us and leave us with only what our forefathers would be rolling in their grave to learn about. You are not making me safer from terrorism by reading my bank account statemets without court concent but by dropping bombs on tents where terrorist reside. Also, you are not providing due process to those terrorist that reside in the United States. You only lock them up and throw away the key. Why not show the world our court system and due process and what happens to people/groups that carry out evil deeds.

Let the Patriot Act die is deserved death and bring on the guns and bombs where the real war of terrorism is fought.

MSNBC - Bush makes case for second term

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