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MemeStreams Privacy Policy


MemeStreams Privacy Policy

MemeStreams is designed to enable you to share information with other Internet users about web sites you find interesting. All of the information collected by the system is intended to be published, except where specifically noted.

If you are concerned about the information you publish, we recommend that you publish your weblog under a pseudonym, and do not recommend web sites you do not want other people to know you are reading. Any information that you publish on your weblog or in your profile is available to others.

The people who run this site are concerned about privacy rights, and will make every endeavor to protect information that ought to be private. We will attempt to protect you, and inform you about how you can better protect yourself.

Your email address is private: MemeStreams makes you verify your email address when you create an account in order to be able to post. We must verify your email address because MemeStreams can be used to generate outbound emails. We will never sell your email address to spammers or share it with third parties. However, if you choose to publish your email address in your profile or in posts, others can obtain it.

Your click-through data is private: MemeStreams collects information about the websites you've visited from other user's weblogs. This information is used by our reputation system and search engine to improve results. We will not intentionally provide this information to any third party.

This website uses cookies: All users of this website are issued cookies. These cookies are used to associate transactions with user's accounts, as well as to gather statistical data on our visitors. This statistical data is used to gauge the size and nature of our readership, as well as target advertisements on the website. Third parties, such as our advertising partners, may also set cookies.

This website uses Javascript: MemeStreams uses Javascript to provide a more powerful end user experience, as well as to deliver advertisements and collect statistics. This website will not work properly unless Javascript is enabled in your web browser.

Disclosure of statistics: We may use some of the information we gather to generate statistics about our user base's demographic, psychographic, and geographic makeup. Any information disclosed of this nature will be statistical, and focused on the aggregate, not specific users.

Information security: Security measures are taken to protect against unauthorized access, unauthorized alteration, disclosure, and/or destruction of all data. Access to private data is limited to Industrial Memetics personnel responsible for the administration, maintenance, and development of MemeStreams. Industrial Memetics personnel are only permitted to access information to the degree necessary to operate, develop, or improve our services. Any breach of this obligation to protect your data will result in disciplinary action, termination, or criminal prosecution.

Concerning COPPA and children under 13 years old: If you are under the age of 13, the current law states you cannot use this website without parental approval. This company's founders were avid computer users at the age of nine, and would have used a service like this. Unfortunately, the United States government has made it difficult and expensive for us to provide this service to you. Please ask your parents to email us at, and tell us that you would like to use our service. When we have established there is enough demand for this service from people in your age group, we will figure out what we need to do to allow it.

This privacy policy may change from time to time. In the past, we have had to make minor changes to make the policy reflect reality. We have always announced our intention to make changes ahead of time in order to gather feedback before moving forward. We will continue this policy of community involvement. If you have any questions about our privacy policy, please contact us.

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