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as if I ever stood a chance

George Friedman:

Nationalism, the remembrance and love of history and culture, is not a trivial thing.

Cosmas Mairosi:

we are here
slaving for sovereignty by selling freedom
into the captivity of patriotism.

Richard Poplak:

Eight thousand seven hundred and fifty heavily armed men and women, all here to help France pay the price for inventing countries.

Ian Bogost:

Have you not accepted your smartphone's reign over you, rather than lamenting it? The hope and promise of new computer technology has given way to the malaise of living with it.

George Friedman:

The tough part of national self-determination is the need to make decisions and live with them.

Thomas Rodham Wells:

The involvement of producers in shaping and ordering our desires means that welfare (the satisfaction of our preferences) can depart from autonomy (the sovereignty or 'ourness' of our preferences).

Mordechai Geldman:

I must look for my loss
in order to know what I'm looking for
is it an object or a thing or the thing
and was it mine before it was lost
or is it that some inner authority
is trying to bequeath me, like a Hellenistic sophist,
something I had never possessed
as for example a chance
as if I ever stood a chance

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