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it ain't gettin' any safer

James Comey:

The Internet is the most dangerous parking lot imaginable.

Mark Painter:

The means to perpetrate wide scale damage are in place. All that's lacking is intent.

Chris Meenan:

Threats are pervasive. The Internet communication vector means they will always have an attack surface, so we must, at a minimum, record everything.

Threat Assessment:

Lisa: Uh, are you sure that's safe?
Kearny: Well it ain't gettin' any safer.

Peter Beinart:

As in past years, Obama boasted about having withdrawn troops from Afghanistan and about no longer "sending large ground forces overseas." But in a marked shift from previous years, he stopped claiming that all this had made America safer from terrorism.

And now, in his final year in office, he's not only stopped telling Americans they are safer. He's declaring war.

Leon Wieseltier:

There are worse things than being wrong.

Adam Gopnik:

Even doing the right thing rarely works out. What history generally "teaches" is how hard it is for anyone to control it, including the people who think they're making it.

a very serious matter


Life is too short to spend 2300 hours a year working on someone else's idea of what the right problems are.

Richard Hamming:

There are so many alibis. Why weren't you first? Why didn't you do it right? Don't try an alibi. Don't try and kid yourself. You can tell other people all the alibis you want. I don't mind. But to yourself try to be honest.

Joan Didion:

Self-deception remains the most difficult deception.

Richard Hamming:

The misapplication of effort is a very serious matter. If you do not work on an important problem, it's unlikely you'll do important work.

Caterina Fake:

Much more important than working hard is knowing how to find the right thing to work on.

Richard Hamming:

You have to neglect things if you intend to get what you want done.

Jony Ive:

What focus means is saying no with every bone in your body to something you know is a good idea but you say no because you're focused on something else.

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