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both hiding and seeking

Imogen Sara Smith:

The power of great photographs comes from the tension between what they reveal and what they withhold. Cut off from time before and after, they have the excitement of mysteries forever on the verge of being solved.

Vivian Maier refused to show her work, but she refused just as stubbornly to be invisible. She was both hiding and seeking. Whether she wanted to be found will always remain her secret.

Stephen Dunn:

I'd come so far, it seemed,
happily looking for so little.

But then I saw a cow in a room
looking at the painting of a cow
in a field -- all of which
was a painting itself --
and I felt I'd been invited
into the actual, someplace
between the real and the real.

Stefany Anne Golberg:

I'm frightened of infinity, Cornell once told his sister, I'm frightened of many things. Cornell found comfort in the writings of Mary Baker Eddy (the founder of Christian Science), which told him that time was unreal. Through Eddy, Cornell came to see history as a jumbled invention of man. Real time was eternal. The stuff inside Pandora's box was eternity broken in pieces. Collage = reality. Joseph Cornell tried to take those broken bits and fit them together again. Each time he tried, the result was another beautiful failure.

Scott Adams:

Goal-oriented people exist in a state of nearly continuous failure that they hope will be temporary.

Savas Dimopoulos:

Jumping from failure to failure with undiminished enthusiasm is the big secret to success.

distance and change

Frank Bruni:

There are few better showcases of Americans' worst impulses, circa 2014, than a 757 bound from New York to Los Angeles or from Sacramento to St. Louis. It's a mile-high mirror of our talent for pettiness, our tendency toward selfishness, our disconnection from one another and our increasing demarcation of castes.

Leontia Flynn:

the furthest distances I've travelled
have been those between people

Joseph Levine:

Speaking of the revelations about systematic government lying in the Pentagon Papers, Daniel Ellsberg said that it was a tribute to the American people that our leaders felt that they had to lie to us and hide their horrendous actions; but it was no tribute to us that it was so easy.

Shikha Dalmia:

Regimes change course only when the cost of maintaining the status quo exceeds the cost of enacting change.

The only table for freelancers with cats

I just love it when serious designers get in the play mode and create something fun.

The only table for freelancers with cats

bang! the world!


China overtook America in 2009 to become the world's biggest consumer of cars.

Lee Kuan Yew:

The size of China's displacement of the world balance is such that the world must find a new balance. It is not possible to pretend that this is just another big player. This is the biggest player in the history of the world.

Robert Samuelson:

If global warming is as dangerous as alarmists claim, we can't do much about it. A 2012 study by the World Resources Institute, an environmental group, found that nearly 1,200 new coal-fired plants had been proposed worldwide, three-quarters of them in China and India.

Hans Rosling via FT:

By 2100, ... the global population will peak at 11bn, with 4bn in Africa and 5bn in Asia. By that time, the main maritime thoroughfare in the world will be the Indian Ocean not the Pacific. That is the waterway that will link 9bn of the world's 11bn inhabitants. If you are looking far enough ahead, you should be buying prime beach property on the east coast of Africa.

Brad Plumer:

Currently, Africa has 1.1 billion people. By the end of the century, the researchers think there's an 80 percent chance that the continent will have between 3.5 and 5.1 billion people.

Theatre Stories:

Mickey Rooney: I was the number one star ... IN THE WORLD! YOU HEAR ME!?

[ Mickey puckers his lips and sucks. He bangs his fists together and pretends to pull a string. ]

Mickey Rooney: Bang! THE WORLD!!

Kenneth Reese-Evans: Y-e-e-s, of course. Yes, yes.

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