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too many Nutella waffles

Dara Lind:

In general, Americans think large societal issues are getting way worse than they actually are.

Alan Jacobs:

The more deeply embedded a person is in biker culture, the more he exists in a kind of parallel dimension, an alternate moral universe with its own laws and mores. That universe is a territorial shame-and-honor culture ...

Aamena Alshamsi et al:

Communication patterns of urban areas exhibit homophilous behavior. More precisely, happy urban areas tend to interact with other happy areas more than they interact with unhappy areas. Similarly, unhappy urban areas tend to interact with other unhappy areas more than they interact with happy areas.

Alene Tchekmedyian:

A Burbank man was charged Tuesday with punching a 78-year-old Costco shopper who confronted him about taking too many Nutella waffles from a sample cart, authorities said. If convicted, he faces up to 11 years in state prison.

are you missing out on something fundamental?

P. W. Singer and August Cole:

In modern times, wars between sovereign states have generally been left to militaries and government intelligence agencies, but a cyber war will almost assuredly see civilians join the fight.

Micky McManus:

In 2010, ten billion microprocessors were manufactured; we made more transistors than we grew grains of rice.

David Gelles:

N.H.T.S.A. estimates that it has 0.3 staff members for every 100 fatalities in automobile crashes; the F.A.A. has at its disposal over 10,000 staff members for every 100 fatalities on commercial aircraft.

Simon Kuper:

Roads will soon probably kill more people than either AIDS or tuberculosis.

Jonathan Franzen:

They have adopted new technologies in pursuit of greater control, only to feel controlled by them ... They worry, often nostalgically, that they're missing out on something fundamental.

Emily Badger:

The most disadvantaged are more likely -- and have grown even more likely over time -- to die in car crashes than people who are well-off.

Marcelo Rinesi:

Is your self-driving car deliberately slowing down to give priority to the higher-priced models?

Richard Bejtlich:

The ability to inflict asymmetric cost on adversaries ... plays a role in the digital arena.

the city has chosen for you

David Gelernter:

People ask where the Web is going; it's going nowhere. The Web was a brilliant first shot at making the Internet usable, but it backed the wrong horse. It chose space over time.

Albert Einstein:

The distinction between past, present, and future is only a stubbornly persistent illusion.

Marcia Bjornerud:

This planet is one mysterious peach.

James Gleick:

Some people say vast confusion like it's a bad thing.

Frans de Waal:

We keep assuming that there is a point at which we became human. This is about as unlikely as there being a precise wavelength at which the color spectrum turns from orange into red.

Amanda Petrusich:

American inertia moves in a single direction. There is only one way to ride off into a sunset.

From "Nihilistic Password Security Questions", by Soheil Rezayazdi:

On what street did you lose your childlike sense of wonder?

Rahul Kanakia:

When you go to sleep, you hear your neighbour arguing with his wife through the wall. He wants her to become a dancer, and she wants to sleep for a thousand centuries. You wish you had someone to argue with.

You live on a planet that is covered by a city, and the city has nine trillion inhabitants, and if you repeatedly bump into one of them, then you know that the city has chosen for you.

This is a mystical belief. The city bureaucrats insist that they do no choosing. They insist that the world is cruel and meaningless, and they say the only order is that which arises from a rigidly logical mind.

A-way, A-way, A-way. Some say the world will go on and on, extending into the foreverness, but you don't believe it.

In the meantime, you know that you are lonely.

a sure sign that the people have spoken


It is our failure to avoid embracing fear and sensationalism that will be our undoing. We're still our own greatest threat.

Marilynne Robinson:

Fear operates as an appetite or an addiction. You can never be safe enough.

Threat Assessment:

Lisa: Uh, are you sure that's safe?
Kearny: Well it ain't gettin' any safer.

William Damon and Anne Colby:

Any democracy requires a minimum level of shared trust to function. We may be approaching that minimum level right now.


I'm confident that technology has improved the resources available to people if/when they choose to act. So far they don't need to, largely. Don't wish for times when they do.

Diana Kimball:

The thing about sharing is that once you get your hands on a general-purpose tool for collecting and presenting content, it's entirely possible that the audience you're most interested in sharing with will be your future self. Whenever a nominally social tool introduces a single-player, "private" mode, that's a sure sign that the people have spoken. What we wish for exposes us. Many people -- perhaps most -- just aren't ready to have their intentions exposed.

[But] the urge to enrich the Database of Intentions is irresistible.


Money for me, databases for you.

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