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Anthrax Alarm
by Decius at 1:25 pm EDT, Oct 8, 2001

Spiralling out of control....

MSNBC | Anthrax Alarm
by Rattle at 1:35 pm EDT, Oct 8, 2001

"Several are focusing on a letter that arrived at the company about a week before the Sept. 11 terrorist attack. It was described by sources as a ?weird love letter to Jennifer Lopez??similar, outwardly, to the types of mail the tabloids often get. But inside the oddly-worded letter was what was described as a ?soapy, powdery substance? and in the pile of that a cheap Star of David charm. The letter, per routine, was taken in by the joint mailroom of the company. Employees said the letter was handled both by Stevens and by Blanco."

And now it starts to sprial out of control..

Anthrax Uber Alles. Its going to be bigger then Amy Fisher! Bigger then Gary Condit! Bigger then OJ!

Everyone is going to want Anthrax! Its going to be the hip new thing! Anthrax on TV! Anthrax in the mail! Anthrax on your money! Anthrax at the mall!

And as far as pop-culture was concerned, up until "the end of times" started, Anthrax was just another band that went the way of the 80's. I AM THE MAN! I AM THE MAN! WE ARE GOING TO ROCK YOU LIKE A MARSHALL STACK IN THE MID 80'S BOIEEE!!!!

Anthrax Alarm
by Dr. Nanochick at 3:05 pm EDT, Oct 9, 2001


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