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Fear Must Change Sides
by possibly noteworthy at 9:55 am EST, Dec 22, 2010

Fouad Ajami:

In hindsight, we can grasp the cold-blooded and chilling efficiency of the Algerian military. The war to which they summoned their men was in truth a war against the population. There were standing orders for army units to stay in their barracks even as massacres were being committed nearby. The military said that it was important to terrorize the terrorists--which they did, and the Algerian population as a whole in the process. And there were also the "dirty tricks"--the killer squads of the army and the special forces and the Departement du Renseignement et de la Securite (DRS) donning the attire of the Islamists, false beards and all, and taken by helicopter to targeted towns and villages to perpetrate frightful massacres. "Fear must change sides," the commanders exhorted their men. A killer colonel, surveying his command by helicopter, summed up the attitude of the cabal: "We are to spare no dog, no cat, no mules, no donkeys, and naturally, no Islamists. Each one of our soldiers is worth ten Islamists, be vigilant and merciless."

Ian Ayres:

It's good to destabilize your cherished beliefs now and again.

Justin B. Smith:

What would we do if the goal was to aggressively cannibalize ourselves?

James McGirk:

Perhaps the closest analogue to juggalos might be the Tea Party. And perhaps if a collective political consciousness ever blossoms among the juggalos they may find some common ground with the Tea Party and evolve to be the shock troops of a coming proletarian revolution.

Charles Arthur:

This generation of Anonymous members is going to grow up. But the idea won't go away.


John Weinman, professor of psychiatry at King's College London, monitored the stress levels of a group of volunteers and then inflicted small wounds on them. The wounds of the least stressed healed twice as fast as those of the most stressed.

A TSA Full-Body Scanner:

Please know: I'm just here to measure your penises. And I'm very, very good at it.

For nearly a decade, lightly-trained TSA employees have been forced to estimate -- to guess, really -- your penis size, based on such factors as height, weight, walking style, and disposition. Frankly, that's asking them to do the impossible. It gratifies me to think that millions of travelers will now be able to fly just a little bit easier, secure in the knowledge of their newly complete and accurate TSA profiles -- all thanks to my precise genital scans. Length, girth, heft, and any major identifying characteristics. Everything but the color; this is America, and we don't do that here.

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