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by Decius at 10:23 pm EST, Jan 3, 2004

] Teckademics believes the Aftermarket Industry has a closed door
] approach to the Import Culture and tends to shy away from the culture
] when bad or controversial things happen. Movies like "The Fast And
] The Furious" have put a Hollywood image on the lifestyle. We do
] not think this image is correct. We want to show the real lifestyle.
] We are proud of the underground do-it-yourself attitude and we embrace
] it. We are not scared to show what really goes down. The Import Culture is
] like the underground skate culture in the early nineties. The big skateboard
] industry was doing nothing to expose the true lifestyle and was very
] corporate. Skate boarders were treated like outlaws and were hassled
] wherever they went. Sound familiar? It was small start up companies
] like World Industries who were owned and run by skaters that broke
] the door down to how skateboarding is today. I give this
] example because the import lifestyle directly crosses over to the
] skate market. I personally know tons of skate pros who drive their
] slammed imports to the skate parks and pro racers
] like Jeremy Lookofsky that skate around at drag events.

These guys make kick ass films. Mischief 3000 is my official pick for movie of the year.

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