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by k at 2:23 pm EST, Jan 6, 2004

Today was MWSF, and apple dropped a few new things, all relatively well predicted, but none the less cool.

Among the new stuff are G5 Xserves (still 1U), updated iLive with a new entry level recording/mixing/tracking app called Garageband, major update to FC Express and the new iPod Mini, targeted at the high-end flash based players (it's got 4 gb, looks to be about 60% the size of a 3g ipod, comes in colors, and costs $250).

i'll leave the analysis off for now. ;)

IPOD shuffle
by Dr. Nanochick at 5:10 pm EST, Jan 11, 2005

Cool new concept from Apple...its a flash drive IPOD. The small version holds about 120 songs, costs $99, and plugs right into your USB port. Very cool.

Also, while your there, check out the stripped down computer Apple is going to sell for $499.

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