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Crash Different
by w1ld at 6:48 pm EST, Jan 8, 2004

Rather funny.. :)

RE: Crash Different
by biochik007 at 7:27 pm EST, Jan 8, 2004

w1ld wrote:
] Rather funny.. :)
Dude is on one serious rant!!! But he doesnt know Macs Rule!!!! :)

Crash Different
by Dr. Nanochick at 6:57 pm EST, Jan 8, 2004

Rather funny.. :)

[hehehe....mac kills my inner child - Now thats just damn funny. I, um, still want one though - Nano]

Crash Different
by Decius at 9:57 pm EST, Jan 8, 2004

Rather funny.. :) All of this is accurate. The "isn't kind of like boxing with your computer" line is perfect. He is, um, just a bit too stressed out though....

Crash Different
by Jeremy at 12:08 am EST, Jan 9, 2004


Crash Different
by Laughing Boy at 2:22 am EST, Jan 9, 2004

Rather funny.. :)

and true.

Crash Different
by Mike the Usurper at 6:25 pm EST, Jan 9, 2004

Rather funny.. :)

Quite funny actually :)

Crash Different
by Dementia at 7:59 pm EST, Feb 29, 2004

Painfully funny. Do not drink anything while viewing.

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