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New system no easy touch for 134 voters in Broward
by k at 12:44 pm EST, Jan 9, 2004

] In Tuesday's special election to fill [Florida] state
] House seat 91, 134 Broward voters managed to use the
] 2-year-old touch-screen equipment without casting
] votes for any candidate.
] The percentage of nonvotes -- 1.3 percent -- is modest
] compared to the days of ''hanging'' and ''pregnant
] chads.'' But in Tuesday's race, every vote was crucial.
] In a seven-candidate field, Ellyn Bogdanoff beat Oliver
] Parker by just 12 votes.
] ''These were the new machines,'' said Chas Brady, a
] spokesman for Parker's campaign. ``This was not supposed
] to happen.''

I'm tempted to laugh, except that this is too serious for that. Goddammit people, we're talking about VOTING, the essence of democratic society. Damn right it was not supposed to happen. And who thinks this will make one IOTA of difference to officials in other places, like, say, DeKalb county, where the election officials have assured us that the systems have been well tested and will not fail. Sweet bloody Jesus, i can't believe we're letting EGO and corporate INTERESTED PARTIES fuck with the system so much.

totally unbelievable.

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