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Like Dogs In A Run
by noteworthy at 8:10 am EST, Jan 18, 2011

Michael Chabon:

"Tom Sawyer" is exciting and funny and often surprisingly tender, even capital-R Romantic, and the classic bits -- the fence, the Bible study tickets, the cave, the murder -- appear to have lost none of their power to delight and scare children who dwell in a world of childhood so alien from that of Tom and Huck, half-feral in their liberty, alongside whom my own children seem like dogs in a run, no longer even straining at their cable.

Charles Murray:

When my eldest daughter, then perhaps eight years old, came home with her first Maryland standardized test scores, showing that she was at the 99th percentile in reading and the 93rd percentile in math, her mother's first words -- the very first -- were "What's wrong with the math?"

Michael Chabon:

To attempt to live up to your children's expectations -- to hew to the ideals you espouse and the morals that you lay down for them -- is to guarantee a life of constant failure, a failure equivalent with parenthood itself.

Shaun Ellis:

I moved to the wild. The first time I got up close to a wolf, within around 30 metres, any fear I had quickly turned to respect. I stayed in a den area, a remote spot where wolves look after their young, and very soon one pack began to trust me. I lived with them day and night, and from the start they accepted me into their group. I ate what they ate, mostly raw deer and elk, which they would often bring back for me, or fruit and berries. I never fell ill and my body adapted quickly to its new diet.

I stayed with the same pack for over a year, watching pups grow to adulthood. I never missed human contact during that time.

I felt a tremendous sense of belonging with the wolves.

Bill Murray:

You show me an actor doing a shit movie, I'll show you a guy with a bad divorce.

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