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Joint Venture: 2004 Index of Silicon Valley
by Jeremy at 1:46 pm EST, Jan 19, 2004

As Silicon Valley continues to undergo economic restructuring and we begin to see the shape of our future, our region now has the opportunity to participate in the next wave of innovation and broaden prosperity as envisioned in Silicon Valley 2010.

This will require a strong commitment by regional stewards to both promote a high quality of life to attract and retain talent and invest in the skills essential to compete in the global economy.

Our region must commit to preparing our current workforce for the occupational transitions necessary to stay on the cutting edge of innovation through constant retraining and career progression.

Last year, in response to both cyclical and structural economic challenges, Joint Venture outlined a four-part Next Silicon Valley Strategy to promote the region's economy through global partnerships, technology convergence, and investing in a habitat for innovation and entrepreneurship.

This year, the Index highlights the opportunity to take advantage of the next wave of economic opportunities in the regional economy to prepare the workforce for jobs of the future.

This report is not so subtly telling you: find a new line of work.

Told you so.

Meanwhile, the boys in Bangalore are blogging: "All your jobs are belong to us."

(The full text of the report is available in PDF; the link is at the end of the page.)

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