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EE Times - Lie-detector glasses offer peek at future of security
by k at 4:49 pm EST, Jan 20, 2004

] Nemesysco's patented Poly-Layered Voice Analysis measures
] 18 parameters of speech in real-time for interrogators at
] police, military and secret-services agencies.
] ...
] V Entertainment is leveraging the concept to let
] consumers in on the truth telling, eyeing such
] applications as a lie detector that could be used while
] watching, say, the 2004 presidential debates on TV.

wow. I see claims of anywhere from 70 to 90% accuracy, though i am, of course, skeptical. however, lets assume they work great... what are the implications? This sort of thing definitely sets off my don't-trust-technology-too-much alarm... how long 'til the reading given by a cop's sunglasses is enough to convict you?

Would you buy one? Wear it around the office to see if your co-worker *really* had some work to finish or if she just didn't want to go to lunch with you? Or if your boss is stringing you along on that promise of a raise?

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