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RE: Sweeping The Nation


RE: Sweeping The Nation
by kayostar at 9:10 am EST, Jan 28, 2011

noteworthy wrote:
Ralf-Philipp Weinmann:

I will demo how to use the auto-answer feature present in most phones to turn the telephone into a remote listening device.


The unavoidable conclusion is that you are spying on me.

Mike Cardwell:

When you visit my website, I can automatically and silently determine if you're logged into Facebook, Twitter, GMail and Digg.

Video Professor:

Try my product!

Home Guru:

And mine... home living tips

Chris Palmer, EFF:

Web application providers undermine their business models when, by continuing to use HTTP, they enable a wide range of attackers anywhere on the internet to compromise users' information.

Keith Alexander:

The Internet is fragile.

Sherry Turkle:

A behaviour that has become typical may still express the problems that once caused us to see it as pathological.

Ben Johncock:

People are starting to suspect that the internet connives against us. It sells us the lie that it's better to click or flick in idle spare time than it is to read a book. But after half an hour -- after you've exhausted your regular websites and blogs, and everyone on Twitter and Facebook is in bed -- you get the same feeling as you do from eating chocolate all day.

Joseph Perla:

Facebook is a Ponzi Scheme.

Discover HIP HOP:

Discover Hip Hop is sweeping the nation!

Everyone else is doing it! Now you can too!!!!!

Get With The Program!

Robin Wauters:

Remember Firesheep?

I'm currently at the DLD Conference in Munich, Germany, which is host to a whole lot of tech luminaries, executives, startups, press and investors alike. The organization has provided every attendee with access to a public WiFi network dubbed DLDpublic, and lo and behold, looks like many of them haven't taken any measures to prevent the above-described hijacking from happening.

Next time you're at an event with an open WiFi network, you might want to consider using a secure VPN to connect to the Internet anyway -- you never know who's sniffing.

Alex Rice:

Starting today we'll provide you with the ability to experience Facebook entirely over HTTPS.

RE: Sweeping The Nation

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