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Shout with me . . . ON MARS!!
by Rattle at 7:06 am EST, Feb 2, 2004

I'm still loving every minute of this.. This is like the technology super bowl! Let me translate this to unix geek..

] For Spirit, part of the cure has been deleting thousands of
] files from the rover's flash memory -- a type of rewritable
] electronic memory that retains information even when power
] is off. Many of the deleted files were left over from the seven
] -month flight from Florida to Mars. Onboard software was
] having difficulty managing the flash memory, triggering
] Spirit's computer to reset itself about once an hour.

Cleaning out a directory with too many files ... ON MARS!!

] Two days after the problem arose, engineers began using a
] temporary workaround of sending commands every day to put
] Spirit into an operations mode that avoided use of flash
] memory. Now, however, the computer is stable even when
] operating in the normal mode, which uses the flash
] memory.

Single user mode ... ON MARS!!!

] "To be safe, we want to reformat the flash and start
] again with a clean slate," Adler said. That reformatting
] is planned for Monday. It will erase everything stored in
] the flash file system and install a clean version of the
] flight software.

PXE/bootp Automated Installs ... ON MARS!!!!

Alright guys, now just keep the webcam working... ON MARS!!!

Update: Looking at the press images section right now is a great reminder that we got way more then a webcam over there. Hot damn. Once these things start really moving around, I'll break out the RC car jokes!

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