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Building your own Segway
by Acidus at 12:54 pm EST, Feb 6, 2004

] There is one very important difference between what can
] be built as an experiment and the commercial Segway: The
] commercial one has a lot of safety features, redundancy
] and fool-proofing. Mine has none whatsoever (Well, it
] does have a kill switch so it doesn't go zooming away if
] I fall off, and it does shut down if it finds itself
] tipped more than 45 degrees.) This is pretty darn
] important, and you should think about it very carefully
] before considering building such a thing yourself. With a
] scooter like this, if it stops working for any reason
] (software crash, hardware failure, low battery) you will
] fall, hard, and probably on your face. Imagine zipping
] along at 10 MPH, and suddenly the platform you're
] standing on stops dead. Oh, and there's a T-bar in front
] of you to trip you up if you start to run. So you really
] shouldn't try to replicate this experiment, and I can't
] be responsible for what happens if you read this and try
] to build something.

... damn. Thats neat

Building a Balancing Scooter
by tellio at 9:01 am EDT, May 18, 2004

For the dweeb with a self-destructive, DIY mentality. If you like Mythbusters, you will like this.

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