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RE: Statement from Student Expelled for Recommending Web Proxy at School


RE: Statement from Student Expelled for Recommending Web Proxy at School
by Abaddon at 11:30 am EST, Feb 10, 2004

this right here is why he was expelled...


"The school is simply a holding pen for those too young to work. Security cameras dot the halls, police officers prowl like hungry pigs, and the student handbook bans such things as "unauthorized reading material." Personal and intellectual freedoms are suppressed to an extent that the student body has for the most part given in to either a drug induced apathy, or a happy obedience."


this demonstrates some very poor judgement on his part...its clear they're over reacting, as he pointed out himself he is getting the same punishment as someone that commited a violent crime on campus...but knowning that they are not being totally rational he should have been smarter about this...remember when you go to a public school you give up most of your civil liberties when you enter campus (thats not sinicism, thats unfortunately case law)...when I was in highschool i was almost expelled for similar bullshit, but I had never attempted to insult the people that I most needed a favor from...I in many ways agree with this kid, but for some reason its just too hard for teenagers to shutup, grin and bear it until its all over...

a few more quotes of interest:

"if I use my free speech rights to talk about that proxy with another student, can the school, interrogate, suspend, and expel me?"

as much as we might not want this to be true, I'm not so sure that you have full free speach rights while at school...when I was a teenager and going through similar trials this became very clear to me...

"Expelling students who speak out is unconstitutional."

again, I'm not so sure this is true...first off there is noting in the federal constitution that bars the states from having a different set of rights for you (with the exception of some provitions made to force states to have basic rights for all people), also if he is a minor then he almost certainly has different, and in some respects fewer rights to "speak out"...

you have to pick your battles in life, and I think he's shown some very poor judgement in picking this one (teenagers are known for that sort of thing)...though I've got to say that it was at least as much my parents forcing me to not be stupid as it was my own instinct of self preservation that got me out of trouble when I was his I have to ask, where are this kids parents in all of this, I'm sure this is something that they could clear up pretty easily, and getting a lawyer is the first step (as I sincearly doubt that the ACLU will take his case)...I'm sure if they can afford to get their kid wifi detectors, and computers at home on dedicated connections, then they can afford a lawyer...


RE: Statement from Student Expelled for Recommending Web Proxy at School

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