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The decision to flee came suddenly...
by Rattle at 8:40 am EST, Mar 1, 2004

I'm writing this parked in front of a Kinkos in Reno, listening to Johnny Cash.

I'm not going to attempt to explain right now why I left San Francisco, that would take too long. Maybe later. Lets just say, I was not exactly happy to go, nor would have I been happy to stay. Sometimes, one's journey requires making sudden snap decisions. On my way out, after a period of reflection staring at the ocean and a lengthy drive through various sections of the city, I stopped at Treasure Island, stared at the city, shed a tear, and yelped "I'll be back" before turning my back on her. I meant it.

I also did not say any goodbyes. I hope no one takes offense at that. I hate goodbyes. I prefer to just disappear and reappear, mysteriously.

So far, my trip is going smoothy. Donner had chain control in effect, but no treachery was present that the 4HI button could not regulate.

This spring, I will be mobile. Rattle could be coming to a town near you. Onward, America, roll beneath me with Godspeed.

I love road trips.

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