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South Park La Resistance lyrics
by Acidus at 11:48 am EST, Mar 8, 2004

You may get stabbed in the head
With a dagger or a sword
You may be burned to death
Or skinned alive, or worse
But when they torture you
You will not feel the need to run
For, though you die, La Resistance lives on

They may cut your dick in half
And serve it to a pig
And though it hurts, you'll laugh
And dance a dickless jig
But that's the way it goes
In war we're shat upon
Though we die, La Resistance lives oooooonnnnn!

While I've listened to this song several times when it comes up on my playlist, I only just paid attention to the lyrics. If they can bring the Lion King to Broadway, they need to bring this!

PS The guy who sings as Gregory, Howard McGillin, has stared in several Broadway musicals. He holds the record as the longest person cast as the Phantom in The Phantom of the Opera

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