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Prank results in Fake closings


Prank results in Fake closings
by Decius at 9:24 pm EST, Mar 8, 2004

ryan is the supernicety wrote:
] ] Bad Weather Closings for News 14 Carolina
] ] Raleigh, NC on Feb 27th, 2004
] ]
] ] This was a collaborate effort from the student run
] ] website (TheWolfWeb).
] ]
] ] It shows what happens when a bunch of bored shutin
] ] college kids find the ONLINE CLOSING SUBMISSION FORM. The
] ]submissions run from leet to current events with a couple
] thrown in ]that only State Fans would recognize
] This is freaking hilarious if this actually happened.

It did... Follow this link:

Prank results in Fake closings

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