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RE: Daily Kos || Weblogs are the liberal answer to talk shows.


RE: Daily Kos || Weblogs are the liberal answer to talk shows.
by Jeremy at 12:25 pm EST, Mar 14, 2004

Decius wrote:
]] BLITZER: So you're thinking the these blogs on the
]] Internet, these are sort of liberal-leaning, as talk
]] radio is conservative-leaning?
]] WATSON: Very much so. The blogs are the Democratic answer
]] to conservative talk radio. The George Washington study
]] says that of the people who they consider online
]] political citizens, not 1 percent, not 2 percent, but
]] 50 percent are considered Democrat. Only 27 percent are
]] considered Republicans.

I don't know what it means to be "considered" Democrat or Republican. Last I knew, those labels are self-selected, not applied by some external arbiter.

Also, what about the other 23 percent? To me, the problem is as much with the study question as with the blogosphere. I'm inclined to interpret the results as saying that Democrats strongly identify to the party, whereas "Republican"-minded bloggers are more likely to present themselves as moderates. I'm not the least bit surprised by the present solidarity of the Democrats.

] [In] the study ... they think it's because
] the democrats have a primary this year. They seem to believe
] that if the US had a democratic president the net would be
] swarming with republicans. I'm not sure I agree that it's that
] simple.

I agree that the issue cannot be so neatly wrapped up, but I do think the blogosphere is event-driven to a much more significant degree than, say, the daily newspapers, or the monthly magazines, or the television newsmagazines, or the daily call-in shows. This is both a strength and a weakness.

RE: Daily Kos || Weblogs are the liberal answer to talk shows.

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