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Wipro's World-Class Ambitions
by Jeremy at 4:27 pm EST, Mar 21, 2004

eWeek: What is your advice to a student considering studying engineering? Will there be a job at graduation?

Paul: "My view is that anyone who thinks that technology is done is just crazy. The amount of innovation yet to happen is mind-boggling. ... So, the question would be not what should I do as a student, but what are our government leaders doing to make sure the country will have a stable economy?"

eWeek: And your advice for the 40-year-old engineer here in Silicon Valley whose job has been outsourced?

Paul: "Make sure that you are quickly getting yourself into arenas that are, in fact, pushing the edge of innovation. If your job involves sitting in a cubicle and not talking to anyone else, you are at risk. Get yourself into a role that is more attached to the customers or suppliers and is on the cutting edge of innovation."

Are you feeling "boxed in" by your work environment?

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