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Neighbor Search
by ryan is the supernicety at 11:17 pm EST, Mar 21, 2004

] Use the location search (on your home address) to find
] those who live near you that have made presidential
] campaign contributions. You can also search for friends
] or celebrities by name.

This is a neat little tool. Clearly needs to be updated, but still has some valuable info in it.

Find out which one of your neighbors gave to Bush...Kerry...Clark...Dean
by skullaria at 10:57 pm EDT, May 6, 2004

Just put in your zip code and search.

I'm putting this under current events because it seems very relevant to me right now.

I quickly spotted a couple of local companies that I will no longer do business with.

)Yes, I'm very partisan this year.)

Good snoop tool - but personal experience tells me it is not complete. IE Both my husband and I gave a good amt to one candidate but I don't show up either of us listed in this database.

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