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RE: Vodka and beer to power batteries


RE: Vodka and beer to power batteries
by IconoclasT at 10:40 pm EST, Apr 1, 2004

inignoct wrote:
] St. Louis University student Nick Aker and an assistant
] chemistry professor Shelley Minteer developed the biofuel cell
] in class. Akers said that once the biofuel cell is charged,
] it could run a cell phone for a week or a laptop all day
] before needing another drink.

] [ Pretty neat... here's a slightly less tongue in cheek
] version of the story :
] /IndustryInformationExternal/NewsDisplayArticle/0,1602,4212,00
] .html
] Still lacks details though. 6200% more efficient than
] traditional chemical batteries is the only half useful spec
] I've seen. If that's true, and scalable, then my powerbook
] should be able to run for about 5 straight days. Yet the
] article says it could power my laptop "all day" and my cell
] phone all week. My cell phone already lasts about 4-5 days,
] and my laptop battery gets between 2 and 3.5 hours per charge
] depending on how i use it, so, is it 62 times more efficient
] or 2 times? Or are people's laptops only lasting 1/62 of a
] full day... i know p4's suck, but...
] i hope to see more details... so far the articles i've seen
] are mostly about how cool it is that this startup got funding.
] -k]
How about methane powered fuel cells? ? ? On some days, I make enough methane to get weeks of night and weekend talk time.

RE: Vodka and beer to power batteries

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