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The Altered Human Is Already Here
by Jeremy at 9:38 am EDT, Apr 6, 2004

In the popular imagination, the technologically altered human being is a cross between RoboCop and the Borg.

The hardware that would make such a mating of humans, silicon chips and assorted weaponry a reality is, unfortunately, still on back order.

Many people, however, have already made a different kind of leap into the posthuman future.

This is a social change on the same order as the advent of computers.

Behaviors and physiological changes that were once simply aspects of life have been turned into syndromes or diseases.

As old problems recede, new ones arise.

The Altered Human Is Already Here
by k at 11:26 am EDT, Apr 6, 2004

] Even children know from television that if you are sad
] and worried, there is a pill for you. If you have
] heartburn there is a pill for you. It is a lot harder to
] find out that there are other ways to feel better,
] physically and emotionally, than taking drugs.

[ Well stated. -k]

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