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The Economist, on Venture Capital
by Jeremy at 10:29 pm EDT, Apr 8, 2004

From an article in the 3 April issue of The Economist:

For an even more troubling echo of the boom years [than "nano"], look at the growing ranks of VC-funded start-ups devoted to something called "social networking."

In so far as there is a "hot" VC sector, this is it.

It should worry investors that even the most experienced venture capitalists are showing such herd-like instincts today.


European VC's ... more risk-averse ... more interested in [helping] established businesses than in market-changing innovations.

The Europeans are more likely to have a number of smaller "wins", rather than a big American-style "home run."

Look -- the middle does exist! It's not just blockbusters and dropouts, after all.

And unlike films, French drugs require no translation before they hit the freshly paved streets of exurban America.

Prolongation de la vie longtemps de phase!

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