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Declassified Memo pre-9/11
by Dr. Nanochick at 11:39 pm EDT, Apr 10, 2004

So, I don't know about any one else, but nothing in this memo screams that on 9/11, four planes would be hijacked and used as bombs. I mean, its not really that suprising that our gov had some sort of information that some sort of terrorist attack on US soil was being planned. I am glad that they knew that something was means that we are not *completely* blind to people plotting against us. But I dont think that anyone reading this memo would be able to stop what happened on 9/11. As much as I don't like Bush, I have to say that not even the person holding the most powerful position in our government can stop *all* evildoing....regardless of whether that person be a Dem., a Republican, or anything else. Just because they knew that something was up, doesn't mean they knew the details or could guess the details. Hindsight is 20/20.

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