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RE: Chat, Copy, Paste, Prison


RE: Chat, Copy, Paste, Prison
by Acidus at 2:53 pm EDT, Apr 13, 2004

] ] The consent laws basically
] ] say you can't "cache" this data for later, by recording the
] ] stream, without permission from 1 or both parties.
] Not exactly. They say you can't cache the data and then
] disclose it (ie as evidence in a court).

Perhaps I have a basic misunderstanding of what you can and cannot do. I was under the impression that if you and I are talking on a telephone, and we are in a 2 party consent state, unless I get your consent I can't make any recording of the conversation at all, for any reason. This includes making a recording just for me so I listen to our conversation again and again for my own enjoyment.

Is this true?

RE: Chat, Copy, Paste, Prison

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