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New cars are getting too expensive to fix |
by Decius at 1:03 pm EDT, Apr 19, 2004

] "There's no shortage of general technicians, but there is
] a big shortage of qualified people to work on drivability
] and emissions issues," says Robert Rodriguez of
] Automotive Service Excellence. The Leesburg, Va.,
] organization certifies repair shops and technicians.
] These specialist technicians need advanced reading,
] problem-solving, and basic electronics skills, he says.
] "The best people to find are those who have worked in the
] IT [information technology] industry
," he says.

This is a very interesting article about the technologies in new cars and their associated repair expenses. A combination of government regulation, oligopoly pricing ($3000 headlights?!), and technological change (the author mis-explains the advantages of LEDS) has created a situation were damaged cars are more frequently totalled. Its also created a job market which is egar to hire IT people misplaced by outsourcing.

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