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Employer evaluations offer little insight, workers say
by w1ld at 11:59 am EDT, Apr 20, 2004

] SAN FRANCISCO (CBS.MW) -- Every year, U.S. managers spend
] hours writing up employee evaluations, and workers spend
] a similar amount of time hoping a raise or bonus will
] result -- or at least that they'll glean insights about
] how to do their job better.
] But much of that is wasted time, with evaluations
] yielding little benefit to many, according to a survey of
] employees released Monday by Watson Wyatt, the
] human-resources consulting firm.
] Only 30 percent of workers say their company's evaluation
] process helps them improve their performance, and less
] than 40 percent say the process provides clear goals or
] feedback, according to the survey of 1,190 workers from a
] variety of industries.

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