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The New Queen of Mean
by Jeremy at 10:43 am EDT, Apr 25, 2004

An interview with Tina Fey.

My mom is very, very dry. If she's out and she sees a woman in a reeeeeally ugly hat, or a crazy ugly Christmas sweater, my mom will go out of her way to be like: "I love your sweater! That is be-autiful! Where did you get it?"

Back in high school, I would try to control people through shame. I only learned how to stop doing that like two years ago.

On TV, I'm used to writing within boundaries, but the standards are tougher in the movies. The things they made us take out of the movie are definitely said on TV. The rule we go by in TV is if a little kid wouldn't understand it, it's probably OK. But they said "absolutely not."

-- Why do men like mean girls?
-- Some people confuse meanness for passion.

So, will the DVD be unrated?

If this film flops in theaters, can we attribute it to a lack of guns?

Frozen hot dogs are no substitute for cold steel.

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