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Three rivers may be a point of light
by dmv at 8:32 am EDT, Apr 27, 2004

] "Pittsburgh is a city of lights for all the wrong
] reasons," Fink told about 20 people this morning at 8:30.
] "Standing on Troy Hill, you would think the steel mills
] are still going. The amount of it that's emanating out of
] Pittsburgh is absolutely phenomenal."

First, read the article because of the prospect of Pittsburgh with giant frickin laser beams.

But then I really like the direction it goes regarding light pollution. Light pollution issues /really/ bother me. It trips the aesthetic issues, as well as the little engineer going LOOK AT THE RAW INEFFICIENCIES ALL AROUND US. I would love to see Pittsburgh dark enough at night to see the stars... and the Giant Frickin Laser Beams

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