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FBI plans spammer smackdown - News - ZDNet
by Decius at 9:22 am EDT, May 21, 2004

] But the FBI told Congress on Thursday that it has
] "identified over 100 significant spammers" so far and is
] targeting 50 of the most noxious for potential
] prosecution later this year.

My oped on this law has been "we'll see" mostly because:
1. There is no reason why these 100 people weren't prosecuted years ago.
2. Some that have still seem to be spamming.

If they actually enforce this law, and the penalty is actually significant in relation to the profits, and a large number of people are prosecuted, it might have an impact on spam. It will change spam from a "legitimate business" to something you look over your shoulder if you do. That should actually deter some of these people.

Then again, it hasn't seemed to have any impact on the availability of drugs.

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