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Bland Ambition
by Jeremy at 12:10 pm EDT, May 23, 2004

It should be noted that becoming a Personality and having a personality are distinct achievements. In fact, those with well-developed personalities often struggle to become Personalities.

A successful Personality attracts a large audience without challenging them. He lulls and coddles and strives not to alienate. He presents himself as likable, nonthreatening and, most important, reachable -- never too handsome or too happening or too sharp.

Our current culture is a petri dish for Personalities. We have, as a country, become suspicious of excellence, wary of the smarty-pants. These days we gravitate toward the uncomplicated, the simple and the negligible goal of keeping it real.

"To me L.A. feels like the center of the universe. There's no ceiling on success here. I would do anything to stay."

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