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Microsoft is supporting some of the industry
by w1ld at 11:01 pm EDT, May 25, 2004

] But something smells funny. Why would Blofeld, er, Bill
] Gates fold? He's got all the cards. And then it hits me -
] I've seen this movie before. The camera pulls back to
] reveal a giggling Gates. He ain't playin' macho Texas
] hold 'em; he's carefully playing chess and has just made
] another calculated move to protect Microsoft's position.
] The open source dudes freak, insisting McNealy sold them
] out to save Sun. And they're probably right, but they
] have to look at the whole board to recognize that McNealy
] is just a measly pawn in a bigger game.
] Gates has a history of investing in companies with inept,
] bumbling management to keep them in business and provide
] flanking protection for Microsoft's monopolistic
] backside.

Good article how Microsoft is supporting the dieing businesses to
keep the Govt off there back.

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