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Speech also flopped in ratings
by dmv at 1:32 pm EDT, May 26, 2004

] Monday's address was not carried by the broadcast
] networks for the simple reason the White House did not
] request the time. If it had, the networks probably would
] have obliged. (Asking for network airtime is sort of like
] prom season, you don't really want to pop the question
] unless you're sure of the answer in advance.) But the
] nets wouldn't have been happy about making room for Bush,
] at least not the ad sales guys. Finishing up the crucial
] spring sweeps period when all-important advertising rates
] are set, the networks were likely in no mood for a
] 45-minute primetime preemption Monday night, and the
] White House certainly understood that, which may have
] been one reason they shied away. (Why antagonize the
] media during the middle of a downward polling trend?)

The bit I caught, I listened to on NPR. Actually, I was glad I only caught the last 10 or less minutes, which gave me more of time to listen to the NPR commentary on my drive.

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