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Yahoo! News - Man Sues Atkins Diet Over Heart Problems
by dmv at 10:32 pm EDT, May 27, 2004

] Jody Gorran, 53, said Thursday that he was seduced "with
] a bacon-wrapped cheeseburger" to blindly follow the
] Atkins Diet, which also made his cholesterol soar to a
] risky level.

This was clearly a cherry picked, opening salvo lawsuit. But it really sounds like maybe the next fads will have to have reading comprehension waivers in order to participate. Blindly following is a bad idea in anything health related.

This is made worse by the fact that South Beach, which is similiar in nature to Atkins, was developed by a cardiologist to /help deal with cholesterol/. It wasn't intended for weighloss, but it was published when it showed such behavior as well. My dad has significantly improved his cholesterol levels with it.

It sounds like the guy should have put the book down, anyway, if it really was a matter of being 148 pounds desiring 140. Atkins diet -- or "lifestyle" -- is /way/ too extreme for that.

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