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CIA- Lord of Light
by dmv at 1:15 pm EDT, May 30, 2004

] The creation of the Theme Park ScienceFictionLand was
] also the Producer's plan for the funding the film, Lord
] of Light.
] Fortune 500 companies around the world had been contacted
] to act as sponsors. Internationally acclaimed scientists
] were intrigued and several had begun work on Research and
] Development. Even 3M had already expressed interest in
] building a 1/2 mile high Floating Heated Dome (based upon
] Buckminister Fuller's original designs for NYC) over the
] entire park. The film's financing was contingent upon the
] development of the themepark.

Quite a story. Novel concept for funding a film and foundation. And wow, 3M wanted to build the floating Dome.

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