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RE: Rendezvous by Claude LeLouch


RE: Rendezvous by Claude LeLouch
by ryan is the supernicety at 11:07 am EDT, Jun 10, 2004

k wrote:
] Go to this website and click on Rendezvous. I dunno if its
] worth 15 Euros because its only 9 minutes long, but its
] fucking awesome.
] This guy mounts a camera to the hood of his ferrari and then
] drives full on through the streets of Paris in the early
] morning. Bloody lucky he didn't kill someone. If the intense
] driving doesn't amaze you the sites of the city will. Check it
] out. There are some previews on the website.
] [ Yeah, I spec'd this on a DivX one of my boys had a while
] back, and now the new roommate has a DVD copy. It's rad. A
] million times better than the cheap imitation they did with
] the Z last year. -k]

I still like the Z one. So suck it. Couldn't get away with what that guy did today anyway. Second the video came out, it would be lawsuit city.

RE: Rendezvous by Claude LeLouch

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