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RE: Rendezvous by Claude LeLouch


RE: Rendezvous by Claude LeLouch
by k at 11:11 am EDT, Jun 10, 2004

ryan is the supernicety wrote:
] ] [ Yeah, I spec'd this on a DivX one of my boys had a while
] ] back, and now the new roommate has a DVD copy. It's rad. A
] ] million times better than the cheap imitation they did with
] ] the Z last year. -k]
] I still like the Z one. So suck it. Couldn't get away with
] what that guy did today anyway. Second the video came out, it
] would be lawsuit city.

[ Yeah, it's ok, but not as cool. You're right about the lawsuits though. There's unverified rumor that LeLouche did get arrested when they showed it the first time... noone seems to know what really happened. -k]

RE: Rendezvous by Claude LeLouch

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