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Reuters | Clear Channel Rivals Cry Foul Over Live Concert CDs
by Rattle at 2:26 pm EDT, Jun 1, 2004

] Clear Channel Communications Inc. is under fire from
] smaller rivals worried that it will shut them out of the
] quickly growing business of offering live-concert CDs
] immediately after shows.
] San Antonio, Texas-based Clear Channel claims a key
] patent for the technology to offer such recordings, but
] competitors challenge whether that gives the company
] exclusive rights to create and sell instant recordings of
] live performances.
] The competing claims comes as Clear Channel, which is the
] No. 1 U.S. radio station owner, faces a trial in August
] over allegations that it abused its radio market clout to
] benefit its concert business.

] "Now virtually all performing artists like the Pixies, Billy
] Idol, and even Bruce Springsteen run the risk that if they
] record their own shows at any venue in the country, then
] sell the CDs that same night, Clear Channel can and will
] go after the artists and make them pay," said Lahr.

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