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Digital Rights Management | Proceedings of the IEEE
by Jeremy at 11:12 pm EDT, Jun 9, 2004

The June 2004 Special Issue of the PROCEEDINGS OF THE IEEE addresses "Enabling Multimedia Security Technologies for Digital Rights Management."

The inherent digital nature of electronic information and media allows individuals to manipulate, duplicate, or access information often beyond the terms and conditions of the original intent in a given transaction. Digital rights management (DRM) addresses such violations of intellectual property laws and proffers solutions to to protect the interests of consumers.

This special issue focuses on the technological side of DRM, including the state-of-the-art and potential future technologies, presenting papers of both practical and theoretical interest. The topics covered include encryption, digital watermarking, key management, and models and languages for future digital rights technologies. The proceedings contain comprehensive overviews of each respective field while providing expositions on cutting-edge research results.

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