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Gaming Tries to Shed Boys Club Image....
by biochik007 at 6:26 pm EDT, Jul 1, 2004

May's E3 did little to dissuade the stereotype that the only women working in video gaming do so in camouflage bikinis.Touring the show floor with several female students, Jason Chu, chief operating officer with the DigiPen Institute of Technology, got a taste of the backlash to the industry's testosterone-laden sensibilities.

"We were looking at these posters of women in outfits," Chu recalled. "And one turned to me and said, 'This is why women aren't in games.'"

Blame gaming's nerdy male history or even society's expectations on what men and women can do for a living, but there's no denying that the people who create games are overwhelmingly male. The times, they are (finally) a changing, however. Already well-represented in marketing and public relations, women are now moving into the creative areas of coding, design, art and production.
The purpose of recruiting women is not so they can make games 'about pink fluffy kitties.'

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